Social Media Marketing

We provide Result Oriented Data Driven Advertising:

be it search traffic, social platforms or highly-targeted Display & Video ads.

Optimised Cost Per Acquisition on Display Ads:

We ran display ads on various websites to acquire mobile content subscribers. We tracked various data points (CTR, CPC, CPA) across dimensions (Device brands and models, OS and OS versions, Inventory, ISP/Carrier, Mobile browsers and versions) We optimized the campaigns by blacklisting non-performing dimensions and scaled up conversions by whitelisting performing dimensions.

Optimised Cost Per Acquisition on Google Search Ads Promoted course

Design of Computer Programs. We understood that the course is for intermediate python programmers who are looking to upgrade to advanced python skills. We created coherent Ad groups and Ad combinations to achieve high Ad Rank. We identified negative keywords from search query report to optimize the conversion rate of the campaigns. We took out highly performing keywords and created separate ad groups with highly relevant ads. We also suggested keywords to include on the landing page to increase the landing page relevance and conversion rate.