Analytics and BI

Analytics and BI

We work on business challenges using data driven approach. We have worked on numerous Analytics and Business Intelligence projects ranging from advance Machine Learning projects to visualizations in Tableau, QlikView, Power BI and open technologies like Google charts and D3.js

Sports Analytics

We worked with one of biggest basketball league in India. We made the stats system for basketball and did live visualizations of fans engagement, coaches and TV feed. We also built a stats-based commentator system which could give details on player results to be used in the commentary Technology: Tableau and QlikView.

Machine Learning

We worked on a visualization and machine learning project in Agriculture domain. We used Google satellite data to scan the continuity in paddy field. The data is used for optimizing the paddy straw during harvesting in Punjab. The Machine learning model was made to identify the location of the ideal plant depending upon the distance from the raw material source and the industrial area where the final product was sold.